Latest News: June 2020

Dear members,
The Trustees hope you are all keeping well during the lock down.
Some good news…
We are hoping to reopen the club, provisionally, on the 15th of July, albeit with some
precautions, based on government guidelines.
The seating has been reorganised to allow 8 people to use the club at one time.
We ask that you wear a face covering.
Each person will have a table to themselves and use of the kitchen can be limited to one at a
time. The first person in can fill and switch on the urn.
We would ask that people bring their own cups, biscuits / nibbles. Tea and coffee will still be
provided. If you do use one of our mugs, you will need to wash it thoroughly with hot, soapy
water before putting it away.
Each person will be responsible for their own table and cleaning materials will be provided to
wipe down your work surface after use. Hand sanitiser will placed on a table by the door.
We also ask that everyone wipes down the loo/ basin after use and we will provide paper towel
and spray for this; If you could help with cleaning floors / door handles etc. after sessions, as
well, that would be great! No wipes down the loo, please, as we have a septic tank.
We would also ask that everyone bring a bag to take away their own rubbish.
More good news …
Fees will be suspended until April 1st 2021.
The Craft Class will resume as normal. No obligation to attend until you feel comfortable with
If numbers wishing to attend the Monday class exceed 8, initially, another class, probably Thursday, can be added to allow everyone a chance. We will use the App to determine what days suit
Life classes are still suspended for now. If anyone from the Wednesday Club is willing to open
up, please let us know.
We would encourage members to get the WhatsApp application for their phones or phone
numbers for the key-holders, to check if there is space before attending in the evenings.
Looking forward to seeing you all again soon,
The Trustees

Coronavirus Update: Latest advice to members

In accordance with government guidelines, Greenock Art Club will not be open to members until further notice. The AGM will be postponed and fees suspended until the doors open again. Please keep in touch and share your artistic endeavours on our new Facebook page – ‘Greenock Art Club virtual group’ and on the Whats App groups. We wish you all well during this difficult time and look forward to seeing you all again in the, hopefully, not too distant future.

Coronavirus Update

Greenock Art Club will remain open as usual, although the Monday Class and the Tuesday Craft Class have taken the decision to stop meeting for a short period. Attendance is at your own risk. Jim Owens is going to wipe down surfaces and door handles etc. Thanks, Jim! Updates will be posted here and on the Whats App groups.

Greenock Art Club Awards

Well done to all the young people who entered the competition and exhibition. The work is spectacular! It was encouraging to see so many different approaches: drawing, painting, embroidery/sewing, screen printing, mono-printing and photography. Themes ranged from still life, portraiture, landscape, the built environment, the natural environment and fantasy. So much young talent in our community! Thank you to Inverclyde council for their support. Special thanks also to Gourock Rotary Club, who we are joining forces with, to give our young people even more opportunities in the future. Please have a look at our Greenock Art Club Award 2020 gallery using the drop-down menu.

Happy New Year!

We had a terrific demonstration by Nichol Wheatley in December. Nichol gave us some great tips about priming canvases and using the ‘Golden Section’ to produce balanced compositions in our paintings. It was a joy to watch him apply paint with a bold and confident approach. Many thanks to Nichol for the masterclass. We hope to see him again, soon.

Our next event will be the Greenock Art Club Award exhibition and competition for young artists in Inverclyde which takes place in the Stables Studio on the 24th of January. We are looking forward to seeing some exceptional work from our local youth. Still a few weeks to create a masterpiece!