Art Classes 2023

Hello all! Happy New Year!

Monday art classes will resume on Monday 16th January. I will be trialing working in blocks of 3 or 4 weeks, to allow people to finish work and spend longer on each project. We will be revisiting some older lessons, with a new twist, as well as some newer projects. As usual, lesson times are: 11.30am – 1.30pm and 2pm – 4pm. As you all may know, our friend Susan (Joan Charles) sadly passed away recently. Susan loved trees and they were often a source of inspiration for much of her art work. In her memory we will be working with the theme of ‘Looking Up’ for our first lesson, focusing on the view through a canopy of trees, as seen from below. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Gillian x

Ukraine Appeal Fundraiser

What an amazing day! Well done everyone who contributed to the fundraiser! Lots of you submitted artwork at very reasonable prices which sold well. A special mention to Grace, who donated a beautiful painting by her late husband, Jim Owens, which was snapped up the same day! Jim was well known for his charity work and would have been delighted at the contribution. Tom Johnstone, local celebrity ‘Tele’ cartoonist and watercolourist also sold two original cartoon drawings.

We sold lots of cards, prints and the bric-a-brac stall did a terrific trade, mainly thanks to Liz and Maureen! Thanks to everyone who contributed to the hampers, too – they made over £100.

Moira Bartholomew is still selling tickets for her quilt raffle and proceeds for that alone have reached £250 and counting. Myra’s blue and yellow ribbons made £120!!

A big shout-out to Fiona Phillips who did us proud with the catering. She made a fabulous selection of nibbles. Eddie fell in love with the bramble tarts! Her fancy tea service really set the tone, too. George’s wife, Giuliana, brought a still-warm-from-the-oven madeira cake, which went down a treat! Jean Reynolds, Moira Bartholomew and Pat Street made the most delicious home baking and Jean’s pretty boxes of mixed goodies looked wonderful!

We were very lucky with the weather and we had a terrific turnout. So far, we have raised £2732, with a few more possible donations to come in.

The money will be sent to the DEC Ukraine appeal shortly. Thanks, again, everyone!