Club Reopening

The trustees are pleased to announce that Greenock Art Club will reopen on Monday, the 31st August, unless guidelines change in the interim. Face coverings will need to be worn and tables are spaced to allow distancing. Each person is asked to sanitise their hands on entry and clean their table after use. The lavatory should also be sprayed and cleaned after use. Please bring your own materials and take them away with you. The urn will be switched on and bringing your own mug is advised. Classes formerly on Mondays will be split between Mondays and Thursdays. Evening numbers will be limited so get there early!

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

One thought on “Club Reopening

  1. Nice to hear the club will be open again the 31st is my birthday and we are going over to Arran for a week. tell all our members I wish them all the best. Love Margaret HEndry xxx


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